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IIT Mandi to deploy 20 Landslide Early Warning Systems in Himachal Pradesh

Pledge on 12th Foundation Day of institute

Mandi deputy commissioner Rugved Thakur signed an MoU with IIT Mandi director Ajit K. Chaturvedi in the presence of Himachal Pradesh chief minister Jai Ram Thakur. Image Source: IIT Mandi

Our Correspondent

Published on : 24, February, 2021 01:47

Last Updated at : 24, February, 2021 07:17

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi, celebrated its 12th Foundation Day on February 24 by pledging 20 Landslide Early Warning Systems (LEWSs) in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

To mark the day and recognise the Mandi district administration’s contribution towards the growth of IIT Mandi in the past 12 years, IIT Mandi signed an MoU with the Mandi District Disaster Management Authority on landslide monitoring for deploying 20 LEWSs in its home district with support from the Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority.

The new systems will support the district’s current efforts for monitoring, alerting and warning stakeholders about impending landslides. The planned deployment of 20 LEWSs in Mandi would be the largest deployment of this technology in India. LEWSs had initial success in Kotropi in 2018, following local to national-level recognitions with different awards.

The LEWSs developed by IIT Mandi won the prestigious gold category SKOCH Award on landslide monitoring with the Mandi district administration. This technology is commercially available via IIT Mandi’s first faculty-led start-up, Intiot Services Pvt. Ltd.

Addressing the institute during this grand occasion, Thakur said: “I am honoured to be a part of the 12th Foundation Day celebration at IIT Mandi. I am glad our state is hosting one of the best minds of our country as faculty members and students at IIT Mandi. The institute has made its mark in research, collaboration, and international linkages established over the past 12 years.”

“During the last three years, the state government has launched several welfare and developmental schemes for the welfare of the people. I am sure that IIT Mandi, with its newly enriched sense of pride, added confidence and commitment, strengthened resolve, drive, and focus would keep scaling the heights of excellence with the technological development for a self-reliant India, in times to come,” Himachal Pradesh chief minister Jai Ram Thakur said.

Lok Sabha MP Ram Swaroop Sharma appreciated the progress of the institute and its contribution to the local community. “The Himachal Pradesh government has always emphasised the education, health, roads, electricity, water, social security and tribal welfare sectors and achieved socio-economic goals. I congratulate IIT Mandi for its involvement and willingness for the successful implementation of various schemes for the benefit of the society at large. Your contribution is very helpful to build a sustainable and economically independent society and self-sufficient Himachal,” Sharma said.

IIT Mandi director Ajit K. Chaturvedi said the institute is now a leading technical education and research hub. “With support from the state government, IIT Mandi Catalyst has created a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Himachal Pradesh and beyond. The new Technology Innovation Hub set up with Rs 110 crore support from DST will focus on the verticals of technology interface development.”

The event was attended by the faculty and staff of IIT Mandi.